There are Chinese restaurants in every large city of the world, and Moscow is no exception. Residents of the capital can no longer be surprised with Dim Sum, Wonton or even Tortoise Soup. These and other classic Chinese dishes are always popular and enjoy regular demand.

However in rapidly developing China there is also another cuisine – modern, incorporating both national traditions, and new gastronomic trends, including, Western. However it is not necessary to fly to Peking or Shanghai to try it. Many new dishes of this Chinese culinary art can be sampled in the centre of Moscow, at restaurant TAN.

Restaurant TAN is well-known to the residents of Moscow, it has been open since 2003 and the karaoke hall, banquet room and the Asia Beauty Spa salon form part of the complex. In 2014 the kitchen of restaurant TAN was headed by the new head-chef Nugh Hajtun who was invited from Peking.

This was no accident. Before coming to Moscow Nugh Hajtun worked for 10 years in one of Peking’s most famous restaurants which is part of the well known DaDong chain. It is considered, that its chefs were able to revive interest in Chinese cuisine in the 21st century all over the world. Now its Renaissance has begun in Moscow as well, at the restaurant named in honour of the great Tang dynasty, whose appearance has been marked by growth, prosperity and opening up new experiences for everyone.